Gleeb Kit

To the Moon

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Get High with a Glass Gravity Bong
Gleeb Kit

Gleeb Kit

To the Moon

Get high with

Get High with a Glass Gravity Bong

Discreet & Portable Glass Gravity Bongs for Sale



We’ve designed the Gleeb to conceal into a shaker cup in seconds. Paired with the smell-proof body, our glass water bong can be hidden in plain sight.



Travel anywhere with this smart solution. Our small, discreet bong can conveniently be taken on the go, thanks to its durable shaker—so no breakages!



Inhale cleaner, safer smoke from the all-glass Gleeb bong, instead of the harmful plastic fumes from a homemade plastic device.

The Benefits of the Gleeb Kit

Looking for a better way to take a smoke break anywhere you go? You’ll love the Gleeb glass bong kit — available for sale at our discreet smoke shop — which solves three common problems in a single kit.

Gleeb small discreet bong

Smoke Discreetly

It looks like a regular shaker, so simply grab your Gleeb and go.

portable glass water bong kit

Avoid the Hassles of Complicated Equipment

The portable kit enables you to set up almost anywhere in seconds.

Gleeb glass gravity bong in car

Ditch the Harsh Plastics 

The glass bottle saves you the issue of inhaling burned plastic while you smoke.

When you order our glass water bong kit, you’ll get a glass geeb bottle, a portable shaker cup, a grinder, a 14mm bowl, and a bowl-carrying container. It’s everything you need for the ultimate experience in one convenient kit. To give you maximum privacy, we even ship discreetly: your kit should arrive in a standard cardboard box, with no branding or labeling. Shop our glass bongs for sale for a more efficient smoke session. Get higher than ever with less product.

What Is a Gravity Bong?

A glass gravity bong is a smoking setup that uses gravity to pass smoke into the bong — and then to you. They’re known and loved for their ability to get you higher with less product. Unlike a plastic GB, Gleeb bongs are made using thick, high-quality glass to give you a safer, cleaner experience. There are two chambers in the glass bongs we have for sale: one that holds the water, and one that holds the bowl and smoke. You pack the bowl, pull the lighter upward, and let the flame be sucked into the bowl to create the smoke. Get higher with a small, discreet bong from Gleeb.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to Learn More?

Gleeb is here to take your smoke experience higher with our collection of innovative accessories and glass bongs for sale. Want to learn more about why you should lose the plastic water bottle setup and become a Gleeber? Learn more bong tips on our blog.

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