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Our online glass smoke shop has designed the Gleeb to conceal into a Shaker cup in seconds. Paired with the smell-proof body, it looks just like a regular shaker cup.


Go anywhere with this smart solution from our online smoke shop store. This bong conceals into a shaker cup within seconds and is durable so no breakages!


Inhale clean smoke from the all-glass Gleeb, instead of plastic fumes from a homemade plastic device.

The Benefits of the Gleeb Kit

Looking for a better way to take a smoke break anywhere you go? You’ll love the Gleeb — available at our discreet smoke shop — which solves three problems in a single kit:

1. Smoke discreetly: It looks like a regular shaker, so simply grab your Gleeb and go.
2. Avoid the hassles of complicated equipment: The portable kit enables you to set up almost anywhere in seconds.
3. Ditch the harsh plastics: The glass bottle saves you the issue of inhaling burned plastic while you smoke.

When you order a kit from our smoke shop, you’ll get a Gleeb glass bottle, a Gleeb portable shaker cup, a Gleeb grinder, a 14mm bowl and a bowl-carrying container. To give you maximum privacy, we even ship discreetly: Your kit should arrive in a standard carboard box, with no branding or labeling. Shop our smoke store online to browse products and make a purchase today! 

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