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We at Gleeb are dedicated to taking you to higher highs. We know all about the traditional plastic GB set up, because we grew up using them! It may be cheap, but plastic bottles emit harmful fumes that can cause some serious health issues over time. We know you deserve a better experience, which is why we’ve crafted gravity bongs using a bamboo cup on the outside and a thick, high-quality glass bottle on the inside. No plastic fumes. Just a safer, cleaner smoke experience. Your lungs will thank us (and you) later.

Get Discreetly High On the Go

Being an adult comes with a lot of responsibilities that keep you on the go. Rather than adjusting to fit the needs of your smoke setup, we’ve adjusted the smoke setup to fit you and your busy lifestyle. Our gravity bong kit and accessories are super compact, enabling you to take them everywhere you go. We didn’t forget about the smell that often seeps out of the cup when you’re doing your thing, either. Besides being portable, our cups are conveniently smell-proof. Feel free to head to “the spot” and get discreetly high in peace.

An Affordable Premium Experience

Getting a premium experience shouldn’t have to be at the expense of your hard-earned coins. Gleeb wants you to get more for less, offering you a wide selection of products at a great value. In addition to our gravity bongs getting you higher than other methods (and with less product), they’re affordable. We told you we were all about taking you higher. You didn’t think we only meant with your smoke, did you? Gleeb has your back with everything from your gleeb at the spot to your shopping experience. Become a Gleeber and get high on the go now!

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