Glass Gravity Bong Design Features & How to Use

What is a gravity bong, and how do gravity bongs work? Learn all about the glass gravity bong’s features, from how they work to the smoke accessories that pair perfectly with your outdoor, on-the-go lifestyle.

Gleeb glass bowl piece

Made For Your Busy Lifestyle

The gravity bong’s design features make your smoke experience even better. In addition to the high-quality 14mm glass bowl geeb piece, you’ve got your portable, smell-proof cup and convenient lid for discreetly smoking on the go. Need more? Hemp wick rolls give you smooth, clean hits and prevent you from inhaling harmful chemicals from butane lighters!

How Do Gravity Bongs Work?

You know they use gravity, but how? The design of the gravity bong has two chambers — one that holds water and the other holds the bowl and smoke. After your flame is lit and the bottle is drawn out, the pressure creates a vacuum, with gravity pulling the smoke into the glass bottle. Gravity then pushes that smoke into your lungs.

Gleeb gravity bong in car cup holder

How To Use

Start by packing your glass bowl piece and making sure your larger chamber is filled with water. As your bowl is lit, slowly pull the bottle upwards; it should begin to fill with smoke. Continue until you’ve collected your ideal amount of smoke. When you’re ready, remove the downstem and bowl, and inhale!

an infographic on how to use a gravity bong
clean Gleeb gravity bong

How to Clean & Maintain Your Geeb

The Gleeb gravity bong design may give you a clean smoke experience, but you still need to clean it regularly to maintain that same experience. Here is the best way to clean a bong. First, make sure the glass bottle is out of the cup and the lid is off. Dump out any dirty water and rinse it with clean water. After that’s done, use a small amount of an abrasive (it can be salt, baking soda, or even rice) and pour in a cleaning solution like vinegar, alcohol, or a bong cleaner. Shake and swirl for 5 minutes, rinse with warm water, and let dry!

an infographic on how to clean a gravity bong

Important Gravity Bong Design Tips For a Better Hit

  • Filling the water to just below where the bowl is, so you get maximum suction that allows you to burn more weed and fill up the bottle with more smoke.
  • Don’t let water sit — dump and change after every session. Always remember to change your water with every session to avoid mold and mildew.
  • Store your bong in a safe, clean place when not in use — one that is away from collecting dust or falling and shattering.

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