200ft gleeb organic hemp wick roll
200ft gleeb organic hemp wick roll
Gleeb organic hemp wick roll

200 Foot Hemp Wick Roll

This raw organic hemp wick is perfect for lighting bowls for the best taste! Easy to pass around and will last a very long time as it is 200 feet of hemp wick!

Customer Reviews

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Michael Grissell

It's definitely a lot of hemp wick I wrapped all my lighters with it thank you for solving our issue I will definitely be telling my friends about your products and how great the customer service was

Darren Martin

200 Foot Hemp Wick Roll

Ryan Riccillo
Hemp Wick roll= gas

Bro I copped the gleeb not expecting to also purchase this hemp week. It has changed my life. Never going back to gasoline

Sakel Jones

200 Feet Hemp Wick Roll


What is hemp wick?

The hemp wick lighter is used for saving lighting fluid and providing a better taste to your rip. The hemp wick beeswax helps the flame go out naturally, so to make the flame bigger tilt the wick downwards to allow more of it to catch. 

Hemp Wick Benefits

Stop inhaling butane! The hemp wick spool will last you a long time, saving your lighter usage and providing a healthier, better tasting rip!

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product image


The smell-proof Gleeb cup and bowl carrying container ensure no smells leak out while you are on the go!


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