hand holding an organic hemp wick
hand holding an organic hemp wick
Gleeb 200 foot hemp wick roll

200 Foot Hemp Wick Roll


Light up a cleaner, better-tasting smoke experience. With a beeswax coating, this raw organic hemp burns more steadily than a butane lighter, giving you a smooth hit with the best taste. At 200 feet, this roll will last you through plenty of smoke sessions at “the spot.” Plus, it’s easy to pass around – if you’re in the sharing mood, that is!

Pro tip: Beeswax makes the flame go down naturally. To make the flame bigger, tilt the wick downwards so more of it catches!


Hides in plain sight & no smell seeps out!


Bring it hiking, to the beach, or a weekend bbq with the homies!


Clean smoke instead of plastic fumes from a homemade plastic device.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Michael Grissell

It's definitely a lot of hemp wick I wrapped all my lighters with it thank you for solving our issue I will definitely be telling my friends about your products and how great the customer service was

Darren Martin

200 Foot Hemp Wick Roll

Ryan Riccillo
Hemp Wick roll= gas

Bro I copped the gleeb not expecting to also purchase this hemp week. It has changed my life. Never going back to gasoline

Sakel Jones

200 Feet Hemp Wick Roll

About Our Organic Hemp Wick

hand holding an organic hemp wick

What is a Hemp Roll?

The formal answer: it’s twine made from spun hemp fibers, dipped in beeswax, and offered to you as a roll. But really, like our glass gravity bongs for sale (geebs), this organic hemp is your simple way to give yourself a fresher, elevated smoke experience. Stop inhaling butane! You’ve already ditched the toxic plastic fumes from traditional gravity bong setups — you don’t need anything else interfering with your gleeb. These convenient wicks put an end to inhaling those harmful chemicals caused by butane lighters so you can enjoy a healthier, better-tasting rip. Since they burn at a lower temperature, you also get to save lighter fluid!

Gleeb hemp wick roll

Get a Clean High

We don’t do average at Gleeb. Plastic GBs with butane lighters should be left in the past where they belong. No more harmful chemicals. You deserve an experience that takes you to the moon! This hemp wick is the perfect accompaniment to your glass geeb, working in harmony to give you a cleaner, safer smoke experience. Your premium experience doesn’t require premium prices, either. Whether you’re looking for bongs or smoke accessories, Gleeb gives you high-quality products at affordable prices that you love. Become a Gleeber today!


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