Gleeb Glass Gravity Bong
Gleeb Glass Gravity Bong

Gleeb Glass Gravity Bong


Your smoke experience, made better. The glass gravity bong (geeb) takes things to another level, giving you the perfect alternative to harmful homemade plastic devices. While traditional setups involve a plastic bottle, the Grav utilizes a high-quality glass bottle that’s ultra-portable. The result? A cleaner, safer gleeb that takes you higher. 

Glass Gravity Bong (Geeb) Bottle Includes:

  • Gleeb Glass Gravity Bong
  • 14mm Bowl
  • Smell-Proof Bowl Container


Hides in plain sight & no smell seeps out!


Bring it hiking, to the beach, or a weekend bbq with the homies!


Clean smoke instead of plastic fumes from a homemade plastic device.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Discounted replacement

I recently broke my glass bottle while attempting to clean it. I then immediately emailed Gleeb about getting a replacement bottle. They offered me a new one with a 50% discount. I didn't need or want another enormous funnel bowl that comes with it, but everything worked out well.

Naithan Rabadi
Amazing for College Students

I just keep it in the water bottle holster of my bag all day. Was afraid people would steal it, so I used some nice stickers to cover the Gleeb logo! It’s a 1:3 hit conversation ratio from a Bong to the Gleeb, meaning if you can take down a full bowl in one hit, it’ll take three goes on your new Gravity Bong. Enjoy and puff puff pass 🤧

Anna Paulson

Absolutely love the new upgraded bottle. It takes you to the next level way better than any homemade gravity bong. Use it every day!

Lauren Woodrome
new gleeb due to breaking first one

love my new gleeb. i missed having one for sure.

Eric Jendrasik
Gleeb is the best

Very nice product. And when mine broke (from leaving it outside to freeze) I was able to get a new one at a discounted price fast and easy.

About the Gravity Travel Bong

Gleeb travel bong on stairs

Meet the Glass (Geeb) Gravity Bong

Cheaper doesn’t mean better, especially when you’re thinking about traditional plastic GBs. Inhaling harmful plastic fumes every time you smoke? No, thanks! Since it’s made with thick, high-quality glass, the Gleeb gravity bong for sale provides a cleaner, safer smoking experience.

The glass design allows you to get higher with less product, giving you more bang for your buck. No need to drop a small fortune to get a premium experience with Gleeb.

Gleeb travel bong in car

Become a Gleeber

Don’t underestimate the gravity of this glass geeb. It may be small, but it’s mighty. The compact glass gravity bong is your answer to getting discreetly high from anywhere, at any time. Whether you’re hanging in the car at “the spot” or just chilling at home, you get the premium Gleeb experience.

You worked hard for those coins – you deserve to keep them! From the glass gravity bong that’s built for travel to our seriously awesome Gleeb accessories, you’re getting quality products at the prices you want. Be discreetly high and on the go with Gleeb today!



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The Gleeb Glass Gravity Bong - Portable, Premium, Affordable.

The all-glass gravity bong (glass gb) also known as Gleeb Grav is designed in house in the USA. Everyone's searched "how to smoke on the go" before, the Gleeb Grav answers that question. Furthermore, the glass-on-glass gravity bong allows you to get the more efficient use of your product allowing you to save your hard earned coins. The gravity bong glass provides optimal taste as well! Gravity bongs have been used for millennia by our brethren because everyone knows it gets you fired with the smallest amount of product. In short, this glass grav bong gets you smacked for a good price.

Compact and discreet, this concealable bong is the perfect choice for travel as well as those moments when you don’t want the world to know what you’re enjoying. The small size of this glass waterfall bong means you can have a good time pretty much anywhere without drawing attention to yourself.

Why Use A Glass Gravity Bong?

People ask, why not search "how to make a gravity bong" and create a homemade version instead of using a glass grav? While creating a homemade gravity bong rig is cheaper, the body is made from plastic. While the smoke builds up, plastics are burned inside the bottle mixing into the smoke which ends up in your lungs. These chemicals are called BPA's and are known cancer causing carcinogens. These chemicals cause the harsh taste often associated with smoking from plastic and tin home made gravity bongs. When compared from a price point to other products in the industry such as Stundenglass Glass Gravity Water Pipe, GRAV Gravitron Gravity Bong, and The Infinity Waterfall, Gleeb Grav comes out to be the cheapest glass gravity bong for sale on the market. While it is the cheapest, it is made from premium, thick glass.

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The smell-proof Gleeb cup and bowl carrying container ensure no smells leak out while you are on the go!

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