What is a Gravity Bong?

Gleeb glass gravity bong

Gravity bong, GB, grav, Geeb – it’s a bong of many names. You may have heard of the gravity bong from your smoking friends or from the community, or even seen about it somewhere on the web. But what is a gravity bong? How does a gravity bong work? Does it have something to do with gravity? You’ve got questions; we’ve got answers. Keep reading to learn all about gravity bongs and how they work.

Infographic what is gravity bong

What is a Gravity Bong?

Gravity bongs may sound like they’re something scientific, and in a way, they kind of are since they use water, pressure, and (of course) gravity to push smoke to your lungs. A gravity bong is a smoking device that uses the concept of gravity to pass smoke into the bong, then again to hit the lungs with the smoke. Though its origins are somewhat unknown, it’s thought to have been first created in the ‘90s. 

Making homemade gravity bongs is common, with most opting to use plastic water bottles or even a bucket. The bongs have since surged in popularity and evolved, with gravity bongs now being made using glass.

What is a Gleeb?

Gleeb gravity bong

When you hear about gravity bongs, a lot of different nicknames and terms get thrown around. It can get confusing, we know. Just when you think you know what a gravity bong is, you hear about a Gleeb. But wait, hold on – what is a Gleeb? Gravity bongs have long been made from home using plastic bottles. While cheap, they interfere with the taste of your herb and can cause serious health problems over time. When plastic is burned from the hot smoke of the bong, it emanates harmful fumes, which end up being inhaled. 

Gleeb is the gravity bong, made better. Rather than using the traditional plastic, it’s made with thick, high-quality glass on the inside. This prevents you from inhaling those toxic fumes, giving you a cleaner, safer smoke experience. No more burned plastic; all you’re getting is herb.

Just when you think you know what a gravity bong is, the Gleeb surprises you. The Gleeb isn’t your average gravity bong. Made with glass on the inside, it also has a smell-proof bamboo cup on the outside and comes with a lid. These parts work together to give you a portable and discreet smoke experience from almost anywhere and any time. Just grab your herb and lighter, fill up your cup with water before you head out for the day, and you’re ready!

How Does a Gravity Bong Work?

You know what a gravity bong is, you know what a Gleeb is, but you might now be wondering: how does a gravity bong work? It uses gravity, but how? They aren’t as complicated as they seem on the surface. We’ll break it down for you. First things first: there are two chambers to the gravity bong. One larger chamber holds the water, while the other smaller chamber holds the bowl and the smoke. These two chambers work in conjunction with one another to make hits happen. 

You start by packing the glass bowl piece of your Geeb – we recommend a smaller pack. When lit, you slowly draw out the bottle of the gravity bong and let the flame be sucked into the bowl. When this happens, the water pressure and air pressure essentially create a vacuum, with gravity pulling smoke into the bottle and working again to move the smoke to your lungs. 

Gravity Bongs Get You Higher

woman blowing smoke in the air

What is a gravity bong? In addition to being a bong that utilizes the concept of gravity, it is a bong that gets you higher. In fact, they’re famous for it. They live up to their name, taking you to the moon with less product. Why is it that they can get you higher? Well, it all comes back to gravity again. You know how a gravity bong works – by using gravity to push smoke into the glass bottle. We can’t forget about the second part of how they work, though. All of that smoke from the bottle has to go somewhere! 

Gravity is one strong force, quickly and intensely pushing the smoke right on into your lungs, giving you one intense hit. Gravity bongs get you higher by delivering concentrated hits. That means you get higher with fewer hits and less product.

Upgrade to the Gravity Bong Experience

Though gravity bongs seem pretty scientific based on their name, you’ll find that they’re not so intimidating after all. So what is a gravity bong? To put it quite simply, it’s just a bong that takes you to the moon.


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