geeb piece and carrying container
geeb piece and carrying container
geeb piece and smell-proof container

14mm Glass Bowl | Gravity Bong Piece


Glass gravity bongs take you to the moon. The unsung heroes of that sweet experience? The smoke accessories that got you there – especially the geeb piece. Smoother than smooth, this 14mm male glass bowl piece can be used as your grav or GB bowl for when you gleeb on the go. Just throw your piece in its convenient smell-proof carrying container, grab your gravity bong, and you’re unstoppable! 

Gleeb Glass Bowl Includes:

  • Standard 14mm Male Glass Bowl Piece
  • Smell-proof Carrying Container


Hides in plain sight & no smell seeps out!


Bring it hiking, to the beach, or a weekend bbq with the homies!


Clean smoke instead of plastic fumes from a homemade plastic device.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Emmanuel Clark
Issa bowl

This mf definitely work

jake s


David Finberg
14mm glass bowl

This is a great piece! Works for more than just the gleeb! Definitely recommend

Matthew Gustin
Bowl piece/ GB Piece

This piece is absolutely amazing, It will fit it any geeb water bowl and has a smooth pull and pulls fat geebs. If you smoke, You need this.

Farhan Sikandar

14mm Glass Bowl | Gravity Bong Piece

About the Glass Bong (Geeb) Piece

Gleeb glass bowl piece

Bring It Anywhere

There’s nothing worse than heading to the spot and realizing that you forgot to bring your piece with you. You have a lot on your plate – how are you supposed to find the time to find everything you need for the day? Gleeb aims to make things a little easier with this easy-to-carry gravity bong piece.

Made of thick, high-quality glass, this 14mm male bowl comes with its own convenient carrying container. No more forgetting your smoke accessories! Plus, it’s smell-proof, so you can keep things discreet when you’re on the go.

Gleeb gravity bong piece

A Clean and Safe Gleeb

Traditional homemade plastic devices emit harmful fumes when lit – no thanks. Complete with their geeb piece, a glass gravity bong from Gleeb gives you the cleaner, safer experience that you deserve.

Enjoy your experience the way you want it, when you want it. Your geeb and accessories are made to work with your busy, on-the-go lifestyle. Whether it’s the lid on your grav or the smell-proof carrying container of your bowl piece, portability and convenience meet to give you one seamless experience. Be high and on the go with Gleeb now!


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