Bong Tips and More - what is a geeb

Welcome to Bong 101, glad you’re here. If you’ve been curious about the world of gravity bongs and how to enjoy a safer, cleaner smoke experience on the go, you’ve come to the right place. This blog has no shortage of simple tips and tricks that are designed to fit your active lifestyle. Learn all about gravity bong effects, what a geeb is and how to use it, and so much more. Be high and on the go now!

Bong 101

Gleeb is more than just your one-stop smoke shop; we’re here to help you achieve the smoking experience you’ve always dreamed of. A clean, discreet gleeb isn’t out of reach anymore. Our gravity bongs are created using high-quality glass instead of plastic, giving you a cleaner, safer experience. It even comes with a smell-proof bamboo cup on the outside so you can gleeb anywhere, at any time.

Gravity bongs may sound crazy complicated, but our bong tips make things easy. To use one, slowly pull the bottle upwards while applying flame to your herb. This creates suction (enter: gravity!) which causes your herb to light and fill the bottle with smoke!

To the Moon

You have a busy, on-the-go lifestyle; you need smoke tools and accessories that can keep up with you. You don’t always have time to head home to grab everything you need, which is why we’ve made portability one of our highest priorities. In addition to giving you a safer smoke, our gravity bongs are 100% portable with a lid for your convenience. Easy to carry and super discreet, just grab your geeb and go!

Don’t know much about gravity bong effects? The one bong tip you should know: they get you higher than other methods and with less product. Yep, they straight-up take you to the moon. Become a Gleeber today and experience the glass gravity bong difference!

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