The 5 Best Ways to Smoke Weed

man smoking near street sign

Getting high. Blazing. Toking up. There are tons of ways to say that you’re smoking weed and probably just as many ways to actually do it. Smokers have been experimenting with ways to smoke weed for generations – and at Gleeb, we’re not discriminating against any of them. It all just comes down to your lifestyle and what works for you. Check out some creative ways to smoke so you can start experimenting yourself. 

1. Joint

woman lying on bed while smoking

There are few ways to smoke weed that are more iconic than the joint. Arguably one of the best (and) easiest ways to smoke weed, they’re great for smokers that want the convenience factor. They’re compact, portable, and don’t require cleaning, which is a huge plus. Joints can also easily be made as small or large as you want using your hemp rolling papers – it’s a choose your own smoking adventure! The only downside is the smell can make them less than ideal if you’re trying to be discreet.

2. Bong

man holding glass bong and lighter

Tried-and-true, glass bongs are one of the best ways to smoke weed thanks to their water filtration. Essentially, that means it’s giving you hits that are cooler, smoother, and better tasting. Bongs are pure magic! They can be found in tons of different designs and materials, like ceramic, acrylic, silicone, and our favorite: glass. Sure they require regular cleaning, but all of the styles, materials, colors, and designs make bongs one of the craziest ways to smoke.

3. Vape Pen

person holding wine glass and vape pen

Love them or hate them, vape pens are popular for a reason. Their small size, ability to be discreet, and ease of use earned them their spot on our list. Just put it in your pocket and keep the high rolling all day. They’re a solidly creative way to smoke because they don’t even require smoke accessories like a lighter since they’re powered by a battery.

4. Dabbing

woman with glasses dabbing

One of the best and craziest ways to smoke weed is by dabbing, which can be done with a rig, vape pen, or a joint, to name a few. Keep in mind that this is no tool for beginners, since you’re using THC concentrate wax instead of flower. 

Pro: you’ll be on your way to the moon. 

Con: if you’re using a dab rig, the torch to heat it up will take time to get right.

5. Gravity Bong

Gleeb glass gravity bong in front of wheel

Dab rigs may take you to the stratosphere, but gravity bongs take you all the way to the moon! And what’s not to love? They’re literally famous for their ability to get you higher than other methods since they produce concentrated, monster hits using less product. Though you can make your own, our glass geeb provides a cleaner, safer experience with the same high. 

Oh, and did we mention that our accessories and gravity bongs for sale are portable, convenient, and discreet thanks to the smell-proof bamboo cup setup? 

Get High Now

Now that you know a few creative ways to smoke, you can choose your favorite. We may be biased but we think glass gravity bongs are the absolute best way to smoke weed. But don’t just take our word for it – shop now to try one for yourself and become a Gleeber!


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