The 6 Benefits of the Best Gravity Bong

Gleeb best gravity bong

Veteran and budding smokers alike know how beloved bongs are for enjoying your herb. Perhaps one of the biggest fan favorites is the out-of-this-world gravity bong (or geeb), famous for its effective high. As you may have guessed from their name, these bongs use gravity — along with water and pressure – to push smoke into your lungs.

But you’re not looking for a gravity bong lesson; you want to know what makes them so special, and why. Why is a gravity bong more effective? Do gravity bongs get you higher? Keep reading to learn the benefits of the best gravity bong.

1. They Provide a Cleaner, Safer Smoke Experience

One benefit that makes gravity bongs the best is that they’re a lot gentler on your lungs. Traditional homemade GB setups use plastic bottles. They may be cheap, but it comes at a huge cost. Plastic exudes harmful, toxic fumes when burned by hot smoke from the bong – which you end up inhaling. The Gleeb is made of thick, high-quality glass on the inside, rather than the traditional plastic, providing you with a safer and healthier smoke experience. Plus, no plastic means that all you’re smoking is your herb.

2. They Get You Higher

Do gravity bongs get you higher than other methods? The answer is a resounding yes! Though it sounds too good to be true, they’re well-known – and loved – in the smoking community for their ability to get you higher than the average bong. But how? When gravity bongs are lit and the flame gets sucked into the bowl, water pressure and air pressure create a vacuum. Gravity pulls the smoke into the bottle, then intensely (and quickly!) pushes smoke into your lungs. The result is a strong, concentrated hit that doesn't require a ton of your lung capacity. If you’re looking to get the best high, gravity bongs will take you to the moon.

3. They’re Portable and Discreet

portable glass gravity bong in car

On-the-go lifestyles wait for nothing and no one. That’s why you need your bong to work with you. Gravity bongs are the best option for any outdoor lifestyle because they’re conveniently portable. Made with glass on the inside and a smell-proof bamboo cup on the outside, the Gleeb is the one glass gravity bong that you’ll be taking everywhere. You don’t have to worry about smell or how you’re going to get discreetly high. It even comes with a lid to use when you’re finished, making your smoke sesh a seamless part of your busy day.

4. More Efficient With Less Product

If you weren’t yet sold on gravity bongs being the best, you might be in a minute. Not only do gravity bongs get you higher than other methods, but they do it with less product. If you’re looking for a quick and efficient high, it’s the perfect bong for you. You’re already familiar with bongs that typically require you to take multiple hits or a big inhale to achieve the effect you’re looking for. Gravity bongs give you more for less. 

Why is a gravity bong more effective than your average bong? It’s all because of gravity and the two-chamber system of the bong. Gravity bongs have two chambers: one that holds water, and the other holds the glass bowl piece and the smoke. Thanks to this setup, they can hold way more smoke and bigger hits than your average bong. No more burning through your herb too quickly.

5. More Cost-Effective Option

Life may be expensive, but your smoking experience doesn’t have to be. That’s because the best gravity bongs are cost-effective. Getting you higher with less product also means that you’re buying less product because you’re using less than you would be with a typical bong. It’s a win all around with glass gravity bongs; they’re affordable, you’re not wasting any herb, and you’re saving money that could be spent elsewhere — like on smoke accessories!

6. Easy to Use

woman blowing smoke outdoors

After reading about how gravity bongs do actually get you higher, you’re probably ready to give it a try. Luckily, using gravity bongs is relatively simple. After you’ve packed your bowl and filled your larger bong chamber with water, you’re ready to get started. While applying flame to your herb, slowly pull the glass bottle upwards (but not all the way out of the water) and allow for smoke to fill the chamber. You push it back down as you inhale, letting gravity do its thing!

Enjoy a Better Smoke Experience

You know why a gravity bong is more effective. You have a better idea of why they’re such a fan favorite. These clean and portable geebs are the best gravity bongs that get you higher, elevating your smoke experience to new heights. Become a Gleeber today to see for yourself!


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