From Road Trips to Summer Festivals, Here Are the Best Portable Bongs & Smoking Tools for On-the-Go

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If you’re planning a smoky trip, the best portable bong should be a top priority on your packing list. You’ve come to the right place — Gleeb is home to the best travel bong in the galaxy! Okay, well, at least the planet. 

Not only do we make a stellar glass geeb (gravity bong) that’ll launch you right to the moon and beyond, but we have some out-of-this-world smoking tools for you to bring on the journey. Best of all, our travel bong and portable smoking equipment can be used over and over when you finally come back in for a landing. 

Gleeb glass bongs for sale are super travel-friendly, but they’re also perfect for your usual incognito sessions too. Bringing the best portable bong to the smoke spot is just what best buds do for each other. Ready to become a Gleeber? Be high and on the go with these discreet and portable smoking essentials.

1. Gleeb Glass Gravity Bong Kit

The Gleeb Glass Gravity Bong Kit

The Gleeb Glass Gravity Bong Kit lets you enjoy the incredible power and efficiency of a gravity bong anywhere! What’s a gravity bong? If you’re not already familiar, your world is about to be changed forever.

The gravity bong design is the pinnacle of stoner ingenuity. Unfortunately, their execution tends to leave much to be desired. They’re usually clunky and cumbersome — not the best portable bong, to say the least. They’re also usually made with plastic bottles, tin foil, tape, and other random household items that really shouldn’t be used for smoking at all, let alone to make the best travel bong.

Here’s the basic idea: You have one large container and one smaller container that fits inside of it. The large container holds the water, and the smaller container has the bowl and herb on top. While lighting the bowl, you slowly pull the inner container out of the water. This creates suction that draws thick, milky smoke into the inner container. Once it’s full, pop the top and inhale.

As you can imagine, a homemade gravity bong is far from the best portable bong because it’s big, messy, and smelly. We changed that in a major way. Not only is the Gleeb much safer because of its thick, high-quality glass construction, but it’s also self-contained. The shaker bottle with a cap ensures that your gravity bong is discreet and smell-proof. Portable perfection.

2. Portable Dab Station

The Gleeb Portable Dab Station

If you prefer fab dabs over flower power, our Portable Dab Station is for you. This all-in-one travel kit is a collab with LuxStow, giving you a convenient dabbing station with everything you need to blast off wherever your adventures take you.

3. Rolling Papers

A pack of Gleeb rolling papers

Even when you’re on the move with the best portable bong in tow, it’s nice to have options. We get it. There’s something special and old-school about passing a J with the crew. It’s just a different experience. Our hemp rolling papers are made from all-natural, unbleached hemp for the best flavor.

4. Hemp Wick

A roll of Gleeb hemp wick

Hey, if you’re using the best travel bong, you might as well light up in style. Our raw, organic hemp wick with a beeswax coating burns smooth and steady so you can enjoy a clean, tasty hit every time. Pass on the lighter and stick with the wick!

5. Grinder

The Gleeb grinder

Properly ground product smokes better. Again, when you’re using the best portable bong, you might as well do it right! Lightweight and portable, our herb grinder has a built-in storage container so you can move your bud discreetly from point A to B.

6. Spare Bowl & Container

The Gleeb 14mm bowl and smell-proof container

Our 14mm glass bowl pieces are made from thick, durable glass, but it never hurts to have a spare, especially when you’re traveling. It even comes with a smell-proof carrying container so you have somewhere to store a dirty bowl until you have a chance to clean it.

Go to the Moon With the Bundle

The Gleeb Glass Gravity Bong Bundle

The Gleeb smoking bundle box is packed with everything you need except the fire! In addition to the best portable bong, you get two bowls and containers, the grinder, the hemp wick, and more. 

There’s something magical about hitting the open road with good buds, especially when you have the best travel bong coming along for the experience. It’s time to become a Gleeber. Make your next trip unforgettable with the gravity bong that takes you to the moon.


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