How to Conserve Your Weed

A person holding a cannabis leaf

Wondering how to get higher off weed? Or, maybe you need some tips on how to make weed last longer? Perhaps a bit of both? You’re not alone! Since the dawn of cannabis, stoners have sought out ways to boost their buzz while simultaneously reducing consumption. It makes sense — who wouldn’t want to get the most possible bang from their bud?

We have good news for you. There are actual steps you can take to maximize effects while minimizing the amount of product you use. It may sound like an impossible feat, but where there’s a will there’s a way. And you might be surprised by how much fun our ways can be!

Without further adieu, here’s how to get higher off weed in nine simple steps:

  1. Use a Gleeb Gravity Bong
  2. Pack Smaller Bowls
  3. Save Joints for Special Occasions
  4. Store Your Cannabis Properly
  5. Seek Out Quality Strains or Mix With Other Strains
  6. Buy in Larger Quantities
  7. Be Mindful of Your Tolerance
  8. Use a Grinder
  9. Light With a Wick 

1. Use a Gleeb Gravity Bong


Gravity bongs aka geebs, GBs, bucket bongs…whatever you want to call them, they’re the ultimate way to make your stash hit harder. What’s a gravity bong? It’s a legendary smoking device that uses the power of physics to deliver massive, milky hits like nothing else you’ve ever experienced. That’s how to get higher off weed. 

At some point in every stoner’s smoking career, there comes a day when you either build your own gravity bong or meet someone who has one. You inevitably end up getting higher than you’ve ever been. It dawns on you that you’ve discovered weed magic. Then, you sober up a bit and realize the downside: you’re smoking plastic fumes.

Knowing how to conserve weed isn’t worth hurting your health. Homemade gravity bongs are usually made from plastic bottles and whatever other household supplies are lying around — stuff you’re not supposed to smoke. That’s where we come in. 

The Gleeb glass gravity bong is a game-changer for anyone wondering how to get higher off weed. It delivers the ultra-concentrated hits for which glass geebs are so loved, but it’s free of plastic and made of bamboo for a much safer smoke. 

Besides being the clear choice for those who want to know how to make weed last longer, Gleebs are simply a joy to use. Not in the mood for a monster rip? Pack it lighter. Heading out to the spot for a toke with your buds? The capped mixer cup design is discreet, portable, and smell-free. Use less weed. Get higher. Profit?

2. Pack Smaller Bowls

glass bowl next to a pool

Bigger isn’t always better. Next time you’re packing a glass bowl piece and pondering how to get higher off weed, use a little less than usual. It might seem counterproductive, but you might be surprised at how you can still catch a solid buzz. Now, put that extra bit you saved into a jar. Over time, that little rainy day stash will grow a lot faster than you think.

3. Save Joints for Special Occasions

 A person rolling a joint with the sun setting

Sure, puff-puff-pass sessions with a big group can be a lot of fun, but a whole lot of weed gets burned in the process. As you learn how to conserve weed, reserve your hemp rolling papers for special occasions. One joint’s worth of weed will stretch a whole lot further in your gravity bong!

4. Store Your Cannabis Properly

A cannabis stored in jars

Here’s how to get higher off weed: Make sure it doesn’t degrade. Keep your stash stored in airtight jars away from light, ideally with humidity packs.

5. Seek Out Quality Strains or Mix It With Other Strains

High-quality weed delivers high-quality effects. 

Want to know how to make weed last longer? Smoking premium product all the time isn’t always possible, so consider investing in some cheaper flower for mixing. You can even find some great deals on CBD or CBG weed.

6. Buy in Larger Quantities

If you’re always buying eighths, you’re probably overpaying. Like most products, buying in bulk saves you money in the long run.

7. Be Mindful of Your Tolerance

Yellow cannabis concentrate

On your quest to learn how to get higher off weed, pay attention to your tolerance. If you wake and bake dabs every day, that evening smoke isn’t going to hit as hard after a while. Sometimes you need to take a break for a day or two to get those potent effects back.

8. Use a Grinder

herb grinder

As you look into how to conserve weed, don’t overlook little details like your weed preparation. Using a herb grinder to properly process your weed before smoking will make it burn smoother and more evenly, naturally reducing waste.

9. Light With a Wick 

A person holding a roll of Gleeb hemp wick

Using a hemp wick is a great way to prevent scorched bowls. It tastes better too.

Become a Gleeber Today

Now that you know how to get higher off weed and how to make weed last longer, it’s time to get the glass gravity bongs for sale that’ll take you to the moon. Don’t let gravity keep you grounded. Keep your head in the clouds, and make the most of your stash with a Gleeb gravity bong!


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